Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other Butts?

Why Do Dogs Do that?

As man’s best friends, dogs do some curious things and over time, we’ve come to accept them as normal behavior. But have you ever wondered why dogs exhibit some odd behaviors? Each month, this column will focus on a unique dog behavior. We’ll discuss the scientific answer that best explains why dogs do what they do.

So this month, why not start with the obvious? WHY DO DOGS SNIFF EACH OTHER’S BUTTS?

All these years, you probably thought they like to smell each other’s rears, but in fact, that’s not
the case at all. Every dog has a unique scent “signature” created by the secretions of its anal sacs, a pair of small, kidney-shaped structures on each side of the anus. This unique scent not only distinguishes one dog from another, it also reveals whether the dog’s sex.

In summary, sniffing a butt is how dogs identify and introduce themselves to one another. A dog smelling another dog’s behind is basically saying, “Hello, who are you? Have we met before?” This shows how important the sense of smell is to dogs. They collect information from each other as well as from the world. So the next time, your dog is “meeting” another dog, just realize that sniffing butt is acceptable in doggie world!