I love to create.

Converting possibility to reality is truly a wondrous experience. Inspiration can come from anywhere…an abstract painting, nature, a casual doodle, architecture or even from a mere utterance. To witness the evolution of an idea to a fully realized project is awe inspiring.

I’ve been fortunate to work as a journalist, blogger, marketer, and copywriter. Although my background and education lean more towards writing, I have extensive experience in Art direction and video production. Working with talented graphic artists and video editors has taught me the nuances of design and production.

The culmination of these experiences has made me a more well-rounded, thorough and approachable Creative Director.  I pride myself on being diplomatic and a problem solver, while continuing to be a strong advocate for the creative vision.

I have worked for major national brands such as Pepboys, Jackson-Hewitt, Friendly’s, Nissan, Hyundai and Honda.  Regional clients include Broward Community Schools, Florida Atlantic University, Liberty Power and Festival of the Arts.

I’ve also worked with marketing companies writing blogs and articles on topics ranging from mental health issues to nudist resorts. Because traveling is one of my passions, I’ve enjoyed writing for several travel websites.

I have a Masters in Creative Writing and working on publishing my manuscript.

My portfolio serves to showcase my broad creative experience and aesthetic.


If you’re interested in my writing, please send me a note.  I’ll write back.  After all, it’s what I do.

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