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If you’re up north and someone approaches you and asks you about grinders, how would you respond? Would you discuss sandwiches or a gay mobile dating app? If you chose the app, then you’re part of a growing number of gay men who is using your smart phone to literally reach out and touch (well maybe more than touching) someone.

With the advent of GPS and geo-locating, dating has once again been transformed. Back in the day (when the wheel was invented), you had to go to a bar or a club to meet someone. With the introduction of the Internet, dating became easy as shopping online. Profiles line up on your screen like merchandise neatly arranged on a shelf. You click what you like, send a message and just like that, instant dating. But you run into the risk that the guy you’re messaging isn’t what he purports to be. It turns out he’s more chunky than hunky. He’s using photos that are 20 years old or aren’t of him.

Now with the arrival of mobile dating, you don’t have to wait long to see what you’re getting yourself into. Using your phone’s GPS or GTS (gay tracking system), you can locate available men within a certain radius. Perhaps Hottie4u is twenty-five feet from you and instead of waiting for him to show up at your door to see if he lives up to his screen name, you can walk up to him and check out his hotness.

Fast and furious, courting nowadays consists of three letter word greetings like Sup or Hey. You learn more about someone through their Facebook page than by talking to them. Texting is the preferred method of communication. Everywhere you turn, new tracking apps are popping up faster than you can count. Online websites like Manhunt and Adam4adam have introduced their own mobile apps. From digital matchmaking to mobile tracking, dating is getting more and more advanced. Where do you find yourself? Are you on the mobile dating bandwagon? If not, get connected because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself on the sidelines and that’s not a good place to be in the dating world.