You’re Not Alone

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In an Amy Winehouse song, she sings, “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no.” Even though this is just a song, the resistance expressed in her lyrics is pervasive among substance abusers. Mention rehab and watch addicts run away, hide and do everything short of climbing into the space shuttle to escape the pressure of going. Don’t believe it? Just watch any episodes of Intervention. Going to rehab is like pulling out an artery for many addicts and very few go willingly.

Why does the word “rehab” evoke such despair? The answer is FEAR. The predominant fear that debilitates substance abusers is the withdrawals of drugs, alcohol or prescription medication. Living a sober life and dealing with current and past demons is a painful reality many would rather not face. It’s easier to stay numb and self-medicate. Another overriding fear is the stigma attached to going rehab. If you’re in rehab, the implied assumption is that you’re reckless and harmful. This label could be damaging to a person’s social standing or career. With this in mind, many opt out from rehab, avoiding any public scrutiny. And lastly, there is the simple fact that many users don’t believe they have a problem. Under a cloak of denial, they insist they don’t have a problem. They believe their drinking or substance use is manageable, all the while becoming increasingly dependent.

Each day an addict refuses treatment, brings another day of uncertainty and worry for him or herself and their loved ones. Turning down help is like a drowning victim tossing back a life preserver. At High Point Treatment Center, we want you to assure you that rehab and a life of sobriety are not things to be feared, but goals to accomplish.

If you think rehab consists of stark institutional walls, an impatient staff and futile group meetings, then it is time to change your thinking. With a tranquil tropical setting, High Point Treatment Center can help ease you into sobriety. There is no boot camp mentality here. With individual as well as group therapy, you’ll get personalized treatment as well as mentors who can relate and comfort. If your main fear is withdrawal, we have a superb medical team to assist you during your recovery. At High Point Treatment Center, you are not alone. We’ll help you relearn valuable coping skills so that your sobriety isn’t short term, but life-long.

There are many reasons to fear rehabilitation and sobriety, but there is one compelling reason that rises above all your fears…your happiness.

Call us today and start your sober life now.